Overcoming Shame from Sexual Sin with Titania Paige

Hello Beloved,

It feels like forever since I've dropped a video but the wait is over. I'm BACK  with a new video just for you!

About sex.

"Whoa, Christina! Slow your roll! It's too early...

4 Ways to Help Your Children Understand the True Meaning of Christmas

I've always loved Christmas and having children has made this season that much more special. It does my heart well to share traditions, love, and gifts with those I love most in this world and see...

The Ministry of Disappointment

In this week’s video, I had the opportunity to interview spoken word poet, speaker, and author Amena Brown to talk about her latest book titled “How to Fix a Broken Record”. The...

When Surrendering to God is a Struggle

A few weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at the women's breakfast for my home church. The Lord placed it on my heart to speak on surrender and how many times we want to avoid surrendering to God...

3 Reasons Why You Need to Attend the Beloved Women's Conference

1.) You can’t afford to pour from an empty cup.

Women pour so much into their homes, communities, and churches and this is great. Although this may fulfill us, at some point, all that...

"She's Still There" by Chrystal Evans Hurst Book Review

Have you ever felt lost in life and frustrated with not being where you want to be or expected to be by now? If so, I have just the book for you. Stay tuned!

 Hello Beloved! This summer...

HUGE Announcement and Giveaway!!!

We're back from summer break with a lot to celebrate and a very special gift for each and every single one of you! Stay tuned!


Today marks a very important milestone. We've reached 1000...

Soul Care

Hello Beloved!

It's been a while since we've talked and I miss you all dearly. I miss posting videos and encouragement but even more I miss reading and responding to your comments. I'm convinced we...

Trusting God With Your Emotions

Have you ever had an ugly cry?

It's that cry that catches you by surprise. It happens when you've been holding in your emotions and trying to keep it all together.

Maybe you've been working hard to...

Warm Days and Carolina Skies

Hello Beloved!

We're a few days from summer and we are fully enjoying these warm days and Carolina skies. I've cut back here on Beloved and other obligations to make more uninterrupted time with my...

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Mental Wellness

You know that one friend who always keeps it completely 100% with you? She's not afraid to tell you the truth and asks the really hard questions others are afraid to ask.

We all need this friend...

5 Lessons From 5 Bible Moms

Mother’s Day serves as the perfect time to appreciate moms and reflect on their contribution to the family unit, their communities, and ultimately the world. Every mom has a story and a...