3 Reminders About God's Call on Your Life

Facing the unexpected can make an already challenging situation even more difficult. I think this is especially true when it comes to living for Jesus and answering His call on our lives....

3 Ways To Increase Your Passion For God

Passion is power. It compels us to do things we wouldn't normally do. Passion is greater than feelings that come and go. Passion is what drives us to keep running when we're weak, stay up when...

"The Purpose Room" by Heather Lindsey [Summer Reading Series]

Hello Beloved! I just finished reading "The Purpose Room" by Heather Lindsey and share my thoughts about it with you in this video to conclude our summer reading series for 2016. Enjoy! ~ Christina...

When You Feel Like The Invisible Mom

I picked up the phone excited to chat with a close friend. As a stay-at-home mom I always treasure the opportunity to speak with another adult. She asked how I was doing.

“Oh I’m good,...

For the Tired Mama: When Motherhood is Not Easy

Tears streamed down my face as I texted by best friend about the catastrophic freak show that was my life the day before.

In an attempt to “get ahead of the game” I was preparing some...

"Lost and Found" by Sarah Jakes Roberts [Summer Reading Series]

Hello Beloved! We are continuing our summer reading series with "Lost and Found" by Sarah Jakes Roberts. Let me tell you; this book is juicy, well written and will have you running to the arms of...

"Audacious" by Beth Moore [Summer Reading Series]

Hello Beloved!  I'm starting a summer reading series where I chat with you about the books I'm currently reading. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Beth Moore's newest book release titled...

A Time To Mourn, A Time To Speak, A Time To Love

Baton Rouge. Falcon Heights. Dallas. The recent horrific events that have taken place in these three cities have caused heartache, pain, anger and the deepest forms of mourning.

And they should.


Overcoming Guilt and Shame

Hello Beloved! The Lord placed it on my heart to speak to you about overcoming guilt and shame. In this video I speak about how Jesus overcame guilt and shame for us on the cross and the difference...

3 Encouraging Reminders For When You Feel Stuck

We are back with another 3 For Thursday! I'm posting this with less than 3 hours left in this Thursday but better late than never, night? Today I'm giving you 3 encouraging reminders for those...

3 Ways To Trust God More

So last night I jumped on Twitter and asked what you wanted to talk about in my next video. You voted between trusting God, finding your purpose, and relationships. As you can see from the title of...

Hallelujah Anyway

Lord I’ve been feeling kind of down, in a distressing phase

But even before You deliver me, Hallelujah anyway


Got exams left and right, been feeling kind of stressed

But I praise You...