I Can Do All Things Through Christ

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Hello Beloved!

I know this entire "Relentless Joy" series is all about joy. Yet, here I am a little sad it's almost over. When writing this study I had NO idea how many women around the world would join and share in this journey. In all sincerity, thank you.

In Philippians chapter one we read about Paul's love for the Philippians and the joy that they brought him. As we come full circle that's how I feel about you Beloved. Your love for God and your passion for His Word give me so much joy. It has been my prayer that this series has blessed you and you'll go forward strengthened in the Lord and with more joy than before.  And if you're struggling, hurting, or a dark season, this joy is especially for you. No matter what, we can do all things through Christ. Not some things. ALL THINGS.  Enjoy your final video in the "Relentless Joy" Bible Study series.


Comment on this week’s video and let me know what was the greatest lesson you learned in this series. Let's continue this conversation in the comments.


Reading: Philippians 4:10-23
READ: What secret does Paul share with the Philippians?
REFLECT: Why is Paul content?
RESPOND: How can you be more content with what you have?
REQUEST: Pray for a content heart that thanks God for what you have.

* The above questions follow our 4”R”s Bible study method and coordinate perfectly with our LIFE Bible Journals giving you the option to keep all your study answers in one convenient place.



Find more study questions, viewer guides, journal prompts and more with the “Relentless Joy” Bible Study guide. If you’ve already purchased your guide today’s study starts on page 112.

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