3 Gifts the Resurrection Gives to Those Who Believe

Hello Beloved! In celebration of the upcoming Resurrection Sunday I wanted to share some thoughts on the Resurrection and what it means to us as believers. Enjoy! 

Their hearts are absolutely...

3 Tests You Will Face in Your Wilderness Season

Hello Beloved! No one wants to go through a wilderness season. I've learned however, that these seasons have a purpose that we do not want to miss. On the other side of Jesus' wilderness...

Making Time for God as a Busy Mom

Twice this week I was asked how I make time for God as a busy mom. I can tell there is a lot of underlying guilt and condemnation in this area. So I made this video to share some honest truths on...

Don't Give Up, But Let it Go

Hello Beloved! "Don't Give Up, but Let it Go" is a message I recently shared on Facebook LIVE. It's about not giving up when you want to quit. One of the lessons we learned was that if God is not...

My IF: Gathering Experience

It's been a while since I've vlogged but I'm making up for it with this full vlog about my recent trip to Austin, TX. Trust me it's worth the watch. You can expect: my personal take on the IF :...

4 Ways to Better Your Marriage in 20 Seconds

Hello Beloved! I'm giving you 4 practical ways to improve the quality of your marriage in 20 seconds. Enjoy! 


Before I got married I had the opportunity to live with my Aunt and Uncle...

Should I Pray to Jesus or God?

Hello Beloved! I received a very good question from our Beloved sister, Sherry from the Bronx. In this video I answer her question on do we pray to Jesus or God?


Hello Christina I've been...

How to Overcome Fear & Live Victoriously

Look at us coming in 2017 strong with a Beloved LIVE! There are many reasons why I haven’t done a Beloved LIVE in a while and one of them is fear. I know. I know. The Founder of Beloved Women...

4 Words That Stop Fear Every Time

It’s the new year and we’re all excited about what God has in store for 2017. We’ve set our goals. We’ve made our plans. And we’re just glad to place 2016 behind us....

An Advent Prayer For Waiting & Trusting

There are many women in the lineage of Jesus Christ who's stories of faith and perseverance encourage both men and women alike. They include Ruth, Rahab and Bathsheba, just to name a few. As we...

4 Things You Might Not Know About Elijah

While many people like to stick with the New Testament when it comes to reading the Bible, I must confess that the Old Testament has a special place in my heart. I love reading the testimonies of...

When Motherhood Interrupts Your Plans

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. – Proverbs 16:9

Submitting to God’s will daily means accepting the fact that all our plans for that day may not...