The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

Hello Beloved!

God is an everlasting source of joy and strength, and the more we depend on Him, the more strength and joy we will experience. Learn the important connection between our strength and joy in God in this week's video.


Comment on this week’s video and let me know why understanding that God delights in you is so important to your spiritual wellbeing and strength. I'm looking forward to chatting more in the comments.


Reading: Philippians 4:1-4
READ: What does Paul tell Euodia and Syntyche to do?
REFLECT: Why is it important that they “agree in the Lord”?
RESPOND: How can believers promote unity by agreeing in the Lord?
REQUEST: Ask the Lord to reveal any conflict in your relationships and for healing and unity.

* The above questions follow our 4”R”s Bible study method and coordinate perfectly with our LIFE Bible Journals giving you the option to keep all your study answers in one convenient place.



Find more study questions, viewer guides, journal prompts and more with the “Relentless Joy” Bible Study guide. If you’ve already purchased your guide today’s study starts on page 96.


Next week we'll face one of our greatest joy killers: anxiety.  With the Lord on our side, anxiety doesn't even have a chance.

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