Forgetting What Lies Behind

Forgetting What Lies Behind

Hello Beloved!

Life is going well. You're moving forward and then BOOM! A reminder from your past set's you back stealing your joy and hope for the future. Maybe it's a bad mistake or a tragic event. Instead of finding joy in Christ, you constantly keep looking over your shoulder afraid your past is creeping up behind you ready to attack . .  again. We all have pasts, and in today's video, we'll learn why the Apostel Paul was adamant to forget what was behind and focus on what was ahead.  Find encouragement to focus less on your past and more on God's relentless mercy for you in this week's video.


Comment on this week’s video and let me know how have you found joy by releasing your past to God. I'm looking forward to chatting more in the comments.


Reading: Philippians 3:12-21
READ: What does Paul do to press on toward the call of Christ on his life?
REFLECT: Why does Paul “forget what is behind?”
RESPOND: What things might you need to let go of to press forward in Christ?
REQUEST: Pray for wisdom to know when to let go and when to press forward in your life.

* The above questions follow our 4”R”s Bible study method and coordinate perfectly with our LIFE Bible Journals giving you the option to keep all your study answers in one convenient place.



Find more study questions, viewer guides, journal prompts and more with the “Relentless Joy” Bible Study guide. If you’ve already purchased your guide today’s study starts on page 84.


Next week we'll learn why joy in the Lord is our greatest source of strength.

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