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TheyWill Soar

Hello Beloved! Have you ever desired to give up? You don’t believe you have what you need to keep going and throwing in the towel seems like the best option? Don’t! This week’s Hello Beloved! hopes to encourage you in God’s strength to not give up and to keep living for Him. Enjoy and please share! Love, Christina.

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girl-15599_1280To all my mamas up late, nursing, warming up bottles, checking the closet for monsters, changing sheets or putting more water in the humidifier; I pray God’s blessings and abundant peace upon you. I pray you wake up and your 2 hours of sleep feels like 12. I pray for kindness from your family when you place the remote control in the fridge and the dirty clothes in the trash. I pray your coffee stays as warm as the love you have for your little ones. And I just want you to know, heaven is watching in wonder at all God has graced you to do and be for your family. So while you are thinking about your babies, no matter how old they are, know God is thinking about you.  

puzzle-654956_1280Sometimes it’s hard to see it; the bigger picture of motherhood. All we see are puzzle pieces scattered on a table. Each puzzle piece seemingly meaningless on its own but would be terribly missed and noticed were it to be absent when all the pieces finally got together. The individual piece only seems insignificant until it’s missing. The gasping void it leaves behind would reveal its true value from the beginning: needed, necessary, and of upmost importance.


Much of my days have been filled with teaching patience to my 3 year old daughter. How do you teach patience to a toddler? No, seriously, I need to know. It’s hard but as I’m teaching her about patience I just see God in heaven sitting back on His thrown like, umm hmm, isn’t that what I told you; to wait on me, to trust me? I’m always a little convicted because as I’m teaching baby girl I know this is something I need to work on myself; trusting God enough to wait on Him. Just the other day I came across